How To Layer Your Necklaces

It used to be about stacking the bracelets but, this season, it is all about layering necklaces. And all those different necklaces are so fun and chic! Just like layering your clothes, it really is kind of an art form, so with the right proportions and styles, you can definitely get good at it. It’s worth mentioning that layers of necklaces also enhance your outfit.


TIP: Layer linear and circular dainty pieces

The first method is mixing delicate metal pieces together. All necklaces should be either in all gold, or all silver. But you can also mix metals if you prefer — there are no strict rules regarding this anymore.

In order to mix your metal necklaces properly, you should mix linear and circular pieces. Start off with something that’s linear, like a bar necklace. Then add on a circular piece, for example, a circular moon pendant. As a third piece of this layer, add a linear necklace again, let’s say, a longer vertical pendant necklace. Finish it off with a big circular necklace on bottom.

Of course, you can add more layers if you want as long as they mix well together. The key here is to make sure that each one of your necklaces is about an inch and a half apart. That way they don’t tangle easily.


TIP: Pair 2 chunky pieces with 2 delicate pieces

When we say “chunky”, we actually mean that the key is layering a delicate piece, two chunky pieces and a delicate piece on the bottom. This is essential and it works because it balances out the overall look.

Start off with a little delicate necklace on top. This can be your signature necklace that you wear all the time or put on when you want something that’s delicate and not over the top. Next, take necklaces that maybe you would use a statement necklace and pair them together. For example, choose a chunky necklace with rhinestones and spikes that has that rocker’s glam feel, and then add on a heavy layered chain necklace that toughens it up and grounds it out. On bottom, add on a longer pendant necklace. Tip: the pendant necklace can have a mix of the gold and the silver tying in all the different metals that the other necklaces use.


TIP: Mix lengths, and work in global finds

Our last and final one is maybe our favorite. It’s our “global influence” one, and the key here is “anything goes”. It’s all about pairing together those interesting and unique necklaces from your travels or vintage shopping, as well as necklaces from regular high-street shops. Look for seashells with beads, a necklace with some fringe and wooden beads, a cool designer-inspired pendant, and finish it off with something that feels world-travelled, for example, a necklace made of coins. Just have fun with it and play it up.

Whether you want to go delicate, glamorous, or something that feels very eclectic, this is how we are layering our necklaces.