Men’s Style: How To Wear Bracelets With Your Watch

There are probably several style rules a man should follow in order to wear any fashion jewelry with their watch right, including bracelets. Here is one of them, just follow the three steps below and get that super classy and trendy look you’ve always wanted.

Step 1: Pick your materials

First thing to remember is that you have to mix the materials up — don’t match them, otherwise you’ll look like a woman. For example, if you have got a silver watch, complement it with a brass bracelet and a rope cord bracelet, for example, an anchor bracelet that you can wrap around your wrist. It will look super manly with the three separate metals.

Step 2: The’ 5+3 rule’

Two easy numbers to remember: 5 and 3. Namely, 5 is the maximum number of bracelets you’re allowed to wear, whereas 3 is the total number of bracelets you’re allowed to wear on one wrist at a time. Don’t exceed these numbers and you’ll wear the bracelets just right.

Step 3: Anchoring your look with a watch

A watch is the coolest and nicest thing you have — so make it the statement! But make sure that all of the bracelets are ‘south’ of the watch (towards your hand).


Follow these steps to take something super classic and simple as your watch and make it fresh and updated for today.